Discovering Transformational Movement

Advanced Program for Emotional and Somatic Learning

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Transformational Movement is an invitation to connect with your essence, regenerate and revitalize your energy to put it at the service of human beings. Reconnect with your potential to train the ability to inspire, give movement to learning and explore new ways that enable learning from physical and emotional changes.

That is what this journey of learning offers to those looking to immerse themselves in the depths of human development and the flow of professional accompaniment.

ICF Certified Program

Earn 40 CCE’s towards renovation of your ACC, PCC or MCC

What will I learn from this experience?

The art of sustaining transformational processes through experiential learning

Advanced learning models, moving from reflection to action through the path of transformation

Training trainers in the development of body awareness, relational movement and emotional wisdom

What other professionals say about Transformational Movement

Julio Olalla

President and Founder of The Newfield Network

“Coaches must understand that all transformational learning needs to include the somatic learning as a critical component of that learning. Ignoring the somatic dimension in learning is to remain believing that learning is the same as acquiring information. We have to stay attentive, in today’s world we have so much information yet we know so little, suffer much and we are so far away from a good life.”

“An essential part of the path to wisdom is the inclusion of somatic learning.”

Julio Olalla movimiento transformacional

Josephina Santiago

NOC, PCC, Certified Coach by the Institute of Generative Leadership and author of No Stopping Us Now, Poetic Musings

“Transformational Movement is an experiential program that invites you to dive and learn into the dimensions of being. Those “in between spaces” where the cognitive knowing meets the fertile lands of our heart-mind-knowledge, and allows to reimagine new worlds of transformative possibilities.”

Josephina Santiago movimiento transformacional

Transformational Movement

Transformational Movement is an invitation to connect with your essence, regenerate and revitalize your energy to serve others and reconnect with your potential. In this program you will train your capacity to inspire others, set learning into motion and explore new roads that allow us to learn from our body-emotions-mind.

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A teleconference or telecall is a communication format that allows us to convey information directly and interactively with participants interested in learning about our learning methodologies.

Teleconferences are free and are accessed from a land line or mobile phone. Each teleconference has a specific topic and allows the active participation and interaction among participants.

Just register to teleconferences of interest to you and get the phone number and free access code.


Transformational Movement Workshops are experiential learning spaces which invite the participant to learn about the wisdom of the body through movement, emotions, characters, story … inspired by the connection with life, with the essence of being human.

Feel your energy in motion and allow yourself to experience Transformational Movement and the dance of your coaching.

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