We create learning spaces for leaders that engage the human part of the organization. Our holistic models integrate the somatic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of our being.

We are an international alliance of leadership professionals with presence in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and the US.

We create the learning spaces for leaders to re-connect, to help them find meaning and experience the possibilities of the human potential.

We believe that leaders are craving to thrive and to create confident, joyful and more mindful teams. We believe that the essence of our human potential is often buried or lost in the culture of our organizations, in the pace and pressure to perform at work and in our everyday lives.

We believe in you, your organization and your capacity to change.

We are committed to the transformation of the human being.

How do we do this?

We help leaders and their teams with the internal ups and downs in organizations. We facilitate and sustain the processes needed for growth and to improve their performance and their lives.

Movement is the essential part of the learning and we create, weave and integrate ontological coaching models throughout our journey together.

Our models generate learning through experiences, which engage and bring out the wisdom of the whole human.


María Jesús Zea movimiento transformacional

María Jesús Zea

Facilitator of transformational processes, personal and organizational

Gonzalo Córdova movimiento transformacional

Gonzalo Córdova

Facilitator of transformational processes, personal and organizational

Stevens Aballay movimiento transformacional

Stevens Aballay

Executive and Life Coach

Coaches and collaborators

Lourdes Salguero movimiento transformacional

Lourdes Salguero

Ontological Coach


Supporting your reconnection with your essence to discover your potential and inspire you so that you inspire others